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Domino’s Opens 1,000th Store in India

New Delhi ,February9, 2016: Domino’s Pizza, celebrated the grand opening  of its 1,000th store in India, Domino’s fastest-growing international market, last week. The store, located in Unity One Mall, Janakpuri, Delhi, opened on February 5. India has more Domino’s stores than any other market outside the United States and Domino’s is the largest pizza brand in India. […]

Kathleen Wynn L&T Technology Services eCamion Inc, Ryerson University Anna University

L&T Technology Services Up For A Community Energy Storage Project

Mumbai, February 8th, 2016: Kathleen Wynn, Premier of Ontario, Canada on Friday unveiled an energy storage project at the signing of an MOU between L&T Technology Services, Ontario based eCamion Inc, Ryerson University, Canada and Anna University, India. The innovative project combines eCamion’s modular storage solution with L&T Technology Services’ Smart Inverter solution, designed with cutting edge […]

10के वॉक/रन/राइड आयोजन

वेल्स फार्गो एंटरप्राइज ग्लोबस सर्विसेज ने पर्यावरणीय जागरूकता बढ़ाने के लिए चलने, दौड़ने और राइड का आयोजन किया

वेल्स फार्गो एंटरप्राइज ग्लोबल सर्विसेज  इंडिया टीम के 2,000 से ज्यादा सदस्यों ने देश के तीन प्रमुख शहरों में आयोजित कंपनी के चौथे 10के वॉक/रन/राइड आयोजन में हिस्सा लिया। यह आयोजन 6 फरवरी को किया गया और इसमें चलने, दौड़ने तथा साइकिल चलाने को बढ़ावा दिया जाता है ताकि यह आने जाने के हरित और स्वास्थ्यकर विकल्प […]

Bangladesh: Hindu ceremony attacked

Dhaka, 7th February 2016: Bangladesh is under the grip of severe intolerance as reports after reports pour in, which prove that minorities have little or no place in the country. Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) has reported that perpetrators from majority Muslim community attacked Hindu funeral ceremony (Shardha) with a view to grab land belonging to the minority […]