Coinbase: Good News Keeps Flowing In!


California-based Coinbase has announced a couple of positive news in the last two days. One is the company’s expansion to Australia while the other is an update on the Ethereum debate.

On July 26, the digital currency wallet provider announced that customers in Australia will now be to buy bitcoin and ether using their credit and debit cards. This takes the total of countries in which the company has a presence to 33. The list of countries is available here. Important to mention here is that the option to sell digital currencies has not been enabled as of now, but the company asserts that they will provide this service soon.

Traders from Australia can trade on ETH/BTC using the professional trading platform GDAX.

A discussion has been ongoing regarding Coinbase’ support for Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) transactions. Coinbase clarified that since launch, it has only supported Ethereum (ETH) transactions and trading, and not Ethereum Classic. Coinbase customers’ Ethereum is fully secured in hot and cold storage.

Customers should avoid transferring ETC to their Coinbase accounts. The company is measuring the demand scenario for ETC, and may add it to their list of supported digital currencies later. It has no intentions of adding ETC right now.

Confusion over the ETH transactions emerged when last week the company revealed that it now supports Ethereum.

But this is not all! The company has released another notification about the Ethereum hard fork for its Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) customers. The notification says that the customers who had ETH balances on GDAX prior to the hard fork on July 20, can withdraw an amount of ETC that corresponds to ETH balances as the time of fork. ETC corresponding to ETH after the hard fork is not supported by GDAX.

For more updates, please visit GDAX on Twitter regularly.