More than 10,000 Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centres become operational

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The first Health and Wellness Centre (HWC)under Ayushman Bharat was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Jangla inBijapur Chhattisgarh on 14th April 2018. Since then 10,252 HWCs have been operationalized. The states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala lead the way with the highest number of HWCs under Ayushman Bharat. Andhra Pradesh has operationalized 1361 HWCs, Tamil Nadu 1318, UP 912, Karnataka 700 and Kerala 678 HWCs.

A total of 1,33,84,332women and men, thirty years of age and above have been screened for common Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) at these HWCs. The status of universal NCD screening, newly identified positive cases and individuals on treatment at HWCs is as follows:

Condition Screened for Common NCDs New Identified Positive  On -Treatment
Hypertension 1,30,03,064 9,01,994 22,69,192
Diabetes 97,78,916 8,90,663 12,13,860
Oral Cancer 71,85,388 13,747* 1495
Breast Cancer 16,67,090 12,098* 1848
Cervical Cancer 12,26,799 11,923* 872

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Ayushman Bharat (AB), is India’s path to Universal Health Coverage. It signifies a move from selective health care to the delivery of a comprehensive range of services spanning preventive, promotive, curative (both outpatient and hospitalization) rehabilitative and palliative care.

It is perhaps the single most important reform measure of Government of India, to address the major challenges of increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, high out of pocket expenses, and fragmented care delivery.