Air India apologizes for article on non-veg bhog at Jagannath Puri

Air India, Jagannath Puri Temple, non veg,food, bhog, Shubh Yatra magazine controversy

Air India has apologized for the wrong information published in its magazine Shubh Yatra on revered Hindu Temple Jagannath Puri.

The article said that non-veg is cooked and served in the Hindu Temple.

Air India on Saturday withdrew the magazine and AI chairman Ashwani Lohani apologized for the mistake.

An article in the October edition of Shubh Yatra titled “Devotion can be delicious” wrote that “Said to be the largest in the country, the Jagannath Temple’s kitchen in Puri since its inception has had an army of 500 cooks and 300 helpers to serve 100,000 people every day , round the clock -which means almost 285 varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes every day …”

Hindu Temples in general, have strict rules against non-veg, alcohol etc and that is why the controversy broke out. Earlier, a Belgium beer brand was under fire after it put Hindu God Lord Ganesha on its product.

Following this article a massive controversy broke out on social media after which Air India apologized.

In its public apology Air India wrote that:

AI apologises for the error. Our intention was not to hurt sentiments. ShubhYatra magazine copies have been removed with immediate effect.

I, AI CMD Ashwani Lohani, offer my apologies regarding the article on #ShubhYatra. Corrective action has been taken regarding the same.

Henceforth, Air India will not publish any articles by this author.The author also provided a written apology for the same.

However, the public is refusing to let it go:

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