Airport amenities in US may soon see cinemas too

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Texas, February 8, 2016: With long layovers and the boredom that ensues, cinema hall entertainment might be “coming soon” to airports across the country.

This idea, in which Asia is leading the way, has become mainstream at airports in the region including Singapore’s Changi Airport and Hong Kong International. The U.S. is now slowly starting to catch on to the growing trend as per Ultimate Excursions.

The first such airport in the U.S. to embrace this new concept was Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Films run all day and night for weary travelers featuring short films and documentaries as well as films about MinneapolisSaint Paul culture including area information that might appeal to travelers.

The Portland International Airport just joined the short list of forward thinking travel hubs and began showing short films for stranded travelers waiting for flights. The films won’t include feature films playing now at local theaters but will consist of short films, produced by local filmmakers that are intended to introduce travelers to things going on in and around Oregon and show off local Portland hot spots. Portland’s Airport is teaming up with the PDX Theater in Portland to create a series of films intended to reach this captive audience.

Miami International Airport has recently added a pop-up theater which shows old classics and features silent films. It’s clear audiences exist as more and more travel delays occur due to weather and increased security at airports around the world.

Though U.S. airports have been slow to get on board, the ones who have, consider this new amenity a double bonus.

Travelers will be able to enjoy a better experience while the local city’s economy and its culture gets promoted.

More airports joining the list will also encourage airports in other parts of the world to adopt the measure and this move will definitely be welcomed by passengers as well.

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