Another Hindu girl abducted in Pakistan’s Sindh (documents)

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Hindu girl Payal was abducted on September 4th, 2019 from Tando Muhammad Khan of Sindh.

The girl’s whereabouts are still unknown despite police promising action initially. This is the latest in the series of kidnapping that has raised the fears of forced conversion to Islam.

Earlier, Hindu girl Monika’s abduction the second time led to Muslim mobs rioting on the streets against Hindus, and now, she has been handed over to another ‘husband.’

The abuse of power by the Sufi Pirs led many to question the state of the Hindus in the country.

But while we are at it, let us not forget the case of another ‘Monika.’

In May 2019, Pakistani Hindus had to protest when another Hindu girl by the name of Monika, aged 14, was abducted from Pithoro by none other than her own teacher named Razzak.

There are ample cases where the Muslim servants of the Hindu families have abducted the daughters of their employers raising fears.

Thousands of Hindus, as a result, have migrated to India ever since the infamous 2012 case of Rinkle Kumari.

Namta Gupta