Australian Imam differs with Taslima Nasrin, says don’t compare Hindus with ISIS

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Imam Tawhidi, spoke out on the raging controversy which has many Hindus feeling aggrieved over an article written by Taslima Nasrin which is titled ‘Why are Hindus trying to prove that they can become ISIS-like extremists.’

Tawhidi who had earlier stood by Indian government against Zakir Naik wrote in a statement:

I don’t agree with Taslima Nasreen that Hindus can be compared with ISIS, simply because ISIS is founded upon an ideology of hate and war, and Hinduism wasn’t founded by the sword.

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Imam Tawhidi also narrated his personal experience and said that he has seen nothing but love and kindness from every Hindu I have come across.


Meanwhile, Taslima has shown that she does not care for people who did not see things the way she wanted them to see and wrote on Twitter:

The way I was abused & hated today for being misunderstood or for a twisted headline of an article or for being truthful & honest is really sad. But this is my life. I lost admirers? No, they’re not real admirers who hear lies & garbage & start hating without checking facts.

This is, however, not the first time that Taslima Nasrin has ignited debated in India. Here is what she was up to just a while back:

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