Ayodhya Verdict: Everything you needed to know about the historical case!

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Ayodhya verdict is out and a historical 70 years wait of Hindus has ended today as the Supreme Court delivered its judgment in favour of the construction of the Ram Temple. While the detailed Ayodhya Verdict will take some time to come. Here are the salient points of Ayodhya verdict to bear in mind:

The Babri structure was not Islamic.

ASI noted in its report that there was no Islamic structure or Idgah

ASI mentioned the existence of a Temple.

here are also accounts of travelers and historians mention the faith of Hindus that the place is the birthplace of Lord Ram.

Faith and belief of Ayodhya being the birthplace of Ram is undisputable. The faith of Muslims to worship at the mosque is also indisputable.

But the mere ‘existence’ of a structure beneath the mosque cannot lead to a title in the present time even if the SC finds that it was a Hindu temple

It now is clearly established that the Muslims had offered prayers inside the inner courtyard while the same was done by Hindus in the outer courtyard

The documents clear that before 1857, Hindus were not barred from worshipping in the inner courtyard. The railings separating the outer and inner courtyard were made in 1857.

Hindus have always maintained that the birthplace of Ram was in the inner courtyard of the mosque. The structure of the Mosque was not Islamic and nor was it made on a vacant plot of land.

Despite the barriers, Muslims continued to offer namaz inside the inner courtyard and did not abandon the mosque.

For 325 years, from the construction of the mosque till 1857, Muslims gave no evidence of offering prayers at the disputed structure in exclusion of Hindus and the demolition of disputed structure was a breach of SC order.

SC will give relief in suits filed by Sunni Waqf Board and the Deity.

Allahabad HC should not have divided the disputed site into three parts.

Muslims will get an alternative piece of land for the masjid.

The Muslim side gave no evidence of exclusive possession of the land prior to 1857. But offered namaz there till they were ousted in 1949 after the placement of idols by the Hindus.

Central govt will formulate a plan in three months to set up a board of trustees for construction of the Hindu Temple at the disputed structure.

Nirmohi akhara will get due representation.

Muslims will get an alternate place for masjid.

Centre will give the disputed site to the Board of trustees and a suitable plot of land measuring 5 acres at Ayodhya which will be given to Sunni Waqf Board.

SC praises Justice Kalifulla, mediator Sriram Panchu and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for their role.

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