Dream journal: Seeing a sunflower in a dream!

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Sunflowers in dreams are rather common. The beautiful and abundant yellow of this flower is much like the sun itself.

But what does seeing a sunflower in a dream mean?

It all depends on the emotions you are feeling lately. Are you feeling deficient in energy? Are you feeling powerless in a certain situation?

If that is the case, then it is time to rest and allow to soak in some sunlight. Some times we just don’t realize that soaking in the sun is all we need to get a clear head.

Sunflower in a dream is the sign of a burst of energy, renewed vigor, strength, and solutions or general happiness in day to day life heading the dreamer’s way.

Also, if a dreamer is spiritual than these dreams may signal a dreamer to meditate or to do traditional yoga in the sunlight. This would help the person draw inspiration from Nature and help him glide through tough times.

It could also be a sign that happy days are coming. So when you see a sunflower, try and note down as to what you felt while seeing the dream; Was it a feeling of relief or was it a feeling of disbelief?

If relief then good days beckon and if disbelief then Mother Durga may be asking you to show belief in your own happiness. Of you still have doubts then asking a spiritual person is perhaps the best way out.

These are my interpretations if you have had a dream that you think you can share, then all ears!

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Namta Gupta