First Aid emergency care and medical facilities by Indian Railways available at all Railway Stations and in all passenger trains

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Ministry of Railways is providing the First Aid emergency care & medical facilities at all Railway Stations and in all passenger carrying trains for which Medical Boxes containing wide range of medicines, dressing materials, consumables, oxygen cylinder and delivery kit. The above mentioned items are available with the Train Superintendent/Guard and Station Master/Station Superintendents as recommended by the expert doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.

Any passenger falling sick or getting injured during the course of train journey may contact the railway staff available on-board or at stations for making arrangements for providing First-Aid. All the front-line staff deployed in trains and at stations viz. Ticket Checking Staff, Train Superintendents, Guards, Station Masters etc. are properly trained in rendering First-Aid. In case of severe medical emergency while travelling, the service of doctors travelling as passengers is also utilized. Such doctors are given concession in the fare and their identity is separately shown in the reservation charts available with the TTE and also displayed in the coach. Availability of either a railway doctor or private practitioner for providing medical aid is arranged en-route at next station. Station Masters maintain a list of railway/government/private hospitals/clinics and ambulance services in the vicinity of the respective station along-with their address, facilities available and contact details.

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