Fox and hound were about to play and then this happened

The Fox and the Hound, fox, dog, friendship, playing

New York, May 1, 2016: A cute little fox and a sweet dog were becoming friends. But during their ‘almost’ friendship phase, a human’s call to his dog played the  spoilsport and the dog left in a huff heeding to his master’s voice.

But that is not the sad part; the saddest part comes when the dog runs towards his house his ‘almost’ pal calls out to him, probably requesting him to stop and stay a little longer or play with him.

The fox and the hound friendship was immortalized by Disney when it made the classic ‘The Fox and the Hound’ which also showed the horrors of hunting and how animals fear the hunters.

The film tugged on to the heart of a viewer as the hound ditches the friendship of the fox for his hunter master, but later they unite. Just like in the movie, it is the fox which wanted the friendship more and went after the dog, and protested strongly when the dog galloped away!

Yes, this is what happened! And it is mesmerizing and also rare to hear the voice of a fox.

Don’t forget to watch the video to live the innocent experience:

Animals like foxes, wolves, and coyotes are often branded as pests.

But it is interesting to also state here, that in many Western nations animals are also gruesomely killed for their fur which is a major fashion for the women as well.