Why Harry Potter won against Voldemort?

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New York, June 6, 2016: Harry Potter series is an iconic journey of three greatest wizards, Dumbledore, Voldemort and Harry Potter.

But Voldemort chose the path of subjugating those who were less gifted in magic.

As the series unfolded, we realized that while Voldemort was adept at twisting magical rules and using them for his supremacy, Harry Potter, although merely a teen, was able to grasp that it is love and friendship that matters the most.

However, many readers still wonder as to whether Harry Potter winning against Voldemort was writer J.K. Rowling’s own personal conviction, after all, Voldemort was definitely more skilled and Harry was just a boy ‘who lived.’

Wouldn’t it have been better if it were Dumbledore, who actually understood and dissected Voldemort’s thinking process and moves, to have defeated him instead of Harry?

Also, how was Harry Potter able to win over one of the greatest wizards Dumbledore and was able to defeat another skilled, although deadly, wizard Voldemort?

The answer that J.K. Rowling gave was simple, better humans make better wizards, therefore, it was but natural, as far as the poetic justice goes, that Harry was indeed the ‘chosen one’ to defeat Voldemort, because as we find in the last part of the series, even Dumbledore had once harboured dreams (Greater Good, Muggle Domination and an army of the dead to name a few) that later were violently pursued by Voldemort.

On the contrary, we had Harry Potter, a boy who trusted easily, did not allow even a man like Peter Pettigrew to be murdered by his late father’s best friends, fought with his father’e best friend, when he realized that he was joining them in their ‘adventure’ only because he did not wish to be with his pregnant wife, even though he needed his expertise in tackling dark magic that threatened his very life, found his own godfather’s treatment of lesser magical beings, like an Elf named Kreacher, disturbing, and found another Elf, Dobby, respectable enough to free him of his master’s control and later on the Elf’s death even dig him a grave.

Perhaps it was his accumulating the good Karma that eventually helped Harry Potter win against Voldemort.

All these emotional and physical tribulations made him emerge as an emotionally strong person, unafraid of death which scared his nemesis to the core, unwilling to let power or fame get to his head, which was definitely sought by Gilderoy Lockhart, Harry Potter slowly emerged as the hero and a saviour of the wizarding world.

And therefore, indeed, despite his lack of magical experiences, Harry Potter was able to defeat a superior, deadly and a skilled wizard like Voldemort.

Or in other words, as J.K. Rowling once put, better humans indeed make better wizards.