Higio Gungtey: Was forced to lick his boots, was called dirty Tribal from North East

Higio Gungtey is a young Indian boy who brutally assaulted over a dispute. But the way he was abused and assaulted shows the hate that a North Eastern Indian has to face in bigger cities. Is India divided between mainland and non-mainland? Where is the famous tolerance when our own people need it? Where is the outrage when our own people need it?

The letter by Higio Gungtey may be a little disturbing but this must be read:

The SHO,
Hulimavu Police Station,
Bangalore 560076

I, Higio Gungtey, would like to submit that I am a person belonging to the Nyishi Tribe, a schedule tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. A copy of the certificate is produced for your kind perusal. Hemant Kumar has attacked me for no reason but because I come from North East. I and two of my friends are tenants in his rent house since March 2016, with the rent amount 12000 per month and the rent agreement was made in the name of my friends Mridupawan Bharali and Rajeev Ranjan Singh (hailing from Assam and Jharkhand respectively).

He told us that my name need not appear in the rent agreement. It was on Monday March 6, 2017 our landlord Mr. B. Hemanth Kumar came to our house and he started attacking my friend while I was talking to my parents over the phone in the balcony. When I saw him dragging my friend by his neck, I immediately rushed into the room and tried to stop him but instead he started beating me. He beat me mercilessly in all part of my body.

While beating me he said, “you dirty tribal from North East”.

He kicked me in my stomach several times and I was choking and fell down on the floor because of the severe pain. In no time, again he kicked me on my chin and it started bleeding.

My tongue got cut and it was too painful. Then I went to the bathroom to spit the blood out, he dragged me out of it and hit my right cheek, it was too painful. My mouth was full of blood. He punched me in my face. I was already very tired from the beating and dragging. He tried to kick my genitals as well but somehow, moved and escaped.

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Mr. Hemanth told my two friends to slap me otherwise he will beat me more. As a result my two friends out of fear of him started slapping me.
While he was beating me, he abused verbally saying, “I will f*** your mother and sister”.

He forced me to lick his boots

While he was kicking me with his boots, one of the boots came out. He ordered me to put it back to his feet and tie the lace, and lick his boots. While licking his shoe he said, “You only deserve it because you are a dirty tribal from North East and don’t show your face again in this city”.

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The victim Higio Gungte belongs to Arunachal Pradesh and was a college student of Christ College. He was a tenant in one of Hemant’s buildings for almost a year in Bengaluru. No changes have been made in this letter by Higio Gungtey. If you want to help Higio Gungte further, then this petition may help.