Hinduism cannot be undermined by the likes of Mohd Asri or Zakir Naik

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This is the detailed statement of Prof. Dr.Ramasamy, a Malaysian leader on the current attack on the Hindu community for demanding that Zakir Naik be sent back to India. The post has been presented without any changes:

“It is quite sad to know that the Mufti of Perlis, Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin, known for his progressive views on Islam, has stooped so low to undermine Hinduism by characterising it as a religion that “worships” cows, imposes Sati requirements on women to jump into the funeral pyre of their husbands and maintains its nefarious caste system.

I am not sure who “educated” him on Hinduism, but there are some indications that he could have gathered all the negatives about the religion from his “Mahaguru” Zakir Naik.

Just because some Indian groups opposed Naik for indulging in hate mongering, Mohd Asri decided to attack Hinduism and its practices. What he says about Hinduism and its practices are not only far-fetched but not even remotely related to Hinduism. In other words, he sought to engage in a mindless “essentialism” by reducing the majestic religion to few elements.

It is “good” that we have the likes of Mohd Asri and Zakir Naik for strengthening the resolve of Hindus in the country to protect their religion at whatever costs.

Hinduism is not a mere religion but a way of life that has withstood foreign invasions, colonialism, conversion and myriad of other challenges.

It will be a pipe dream of Zakir Naik or his followers Moh Asri or others to think that they can undermine Hinduism by engaging in hate mongering.

Hinduism will remain strong and vibrant among its followers.

Whether the caustic poem written by Mohd Asri is considered seditious or not, we will let the police to investigate.

A number of police reports will be lodged by groups that are opposed to the hate mongering by Mohd Asri. It is expected the police to act fast on this matter, but whether the police will be driven to do this remains to be seen.

The police should not set political priorities in their investigation.”

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