Menstruating women should not enter places of worship says congress leader

Kerala Congress leader M.M. Hassan believes that menstruation is impure and that menstruating women must not enter places of worship during that time.

In a report by ANI, the senior Congress leader said that:

“Menstruation is impure and during this period women should not enter temples. There is a scientific reason behind the instruction that women should enter during this period. It should not be given other interpretations. During this period, Muslim women do not observe fast. My opinion is that women should not go to temple, mosque or church when their body is impure.”

M.M. Hassan made these remarks at a public function after taking over as the KPCC’s interim president which was welcomed by many Congress supporters.

But his comments on menstruating women seem out of line as Congress leader Bindu Krishna had previously criticized Kerala government for backing away from seeking a referendum on the women entry in Sabarimala. As per traditions of the celibate deity Ayyappa, menstruating women have traditionally avoided going to this Hindu Temple which many believe is akin to discrimination. Women who believed that this was an attack on the Sabarimala and native culture then launched a #Readytowait campaign to thwart the attempts of what they said was an attempt at standardizing Hinduism.

The Congress leader Krishna had then said:

This is pure discrimination against women. Sabarimala is a very progressive temple. It was the first temple, which allowed the people irrespective of caste, community or religion to worship. The government is supposed to back gender equality. When they were in opposition, they were fighting against gender discrimination. Now, that they are in power they are acting opposite.

But now it is to be seen what he will say after M.M. Hassan’s comments on menstruating women.

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