Book review: My Watery Self written by Dr. Stephen Spotte

My Watery Self

Author: Dr. Stephen Spotte

Publisher: Three Rooms Press

ISBN: 978-1-941110-16-4

My watery Self makes for gripping reading and the fine thing about it is that it is able to transport a reader straight first into the tender years of the author and his friends and grants us an insight into how his thought process would shape later.

I personally would recommend this book for at least a one-time reading as it is always a pleasure to delve deep and visualize the times that we never saw.

What I liked the most is the editing.

It is crisp and adds weight to the pros of this book. The editing works so well that there are hardly any loose ends in this tale.

Due to deft editing, it allows even those who do not belong to the culture, like me, to absorb, process, but not get stuck anywhere and read in a flow.

This is why every writer must invest his/her time in editing. It is time-consuming but it is definitely rewarding as they win over new readers all the time.

Dr. Stephen Spotte has done a remarkable job with ‘My Watery Self’.

The book’s tone is earnest and has an in-your-face honesty. The usage of animal imagery to describe people or situations is also in line with the tone of this book and gives it a friendly flavor. ‘Sick old hound’ suddenly kicked awake or the ‘grace of a crippled goose’ will stay with the reader as they inspire a little smirk now and then, which is again a great tool to keep a reader hooked to the book.

There are many such examples that one would find at regular intervals.

This is a different type of reading experience where whale blubber, as well as circus, are both integrated well. So, those who are looking for realistic flavor in their reading would this book a great catch.

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