9 11 12 meaning: Growing abundance and prosperity for the seeker

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9 11 12 is a good sign for those seeking to increase material stability by remaining steady on the path of Dharma.

One may notice that the ‘10’ is missing after 9.

It is because the karma backlog has been cleaned by the seeker already.

9 11 12 reflects the growing abundance and prosperity due to one’s own karma.

It also means that a lot of old energy that no longer serves the seeker’s life purpose is now exiting and making way for newer, younger, and firmer energy.

The seeker would see lots of gifts and proposals in love, money, and property in the upcoming days.

Those seeing this number message are advised to walk in the sunlight and also to meditate under the sun to keep the energy level up.

Number 10 meaning: Supreme Soul has given you a new ‘you’

Expect breakthroughs after breakthroughs coming for the seeker as he/she has the power of the cosmos resting inside his/her skin.

Those who see 9 11 12 may see groundbreaking developments in the upcoming week but only with regards to what they are actively manifesting.

By Namta Gupta