Angel Number 1007: Hey fluttering soul, your query will be answered!

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Angel Number 1007 mostly appears as the mark/sign to a wandering or a fluttering soul that desires more than mere signs or messages. It is desiring tangible results and despite all reassurances is seeking more 3D-ish results.

For example, those on the Twin Flame may be desiring to see the face of the partner they have neither met nor seen or some may be requesting tangible developments in matters of money or art.

Angel Number 1007 appears to tell the person that the doubts or issues presented have been acknowledged and the Sahasrara Chakra is being worked upon to deliver the answer in a visual form soon.

Please note that Angel Number 1007 is not a number that many would notice as it rarely has any other meaning.

It is just an acknowledgment receipt of the query received by the Supreme Soul. Patience for a few days is advised but if there is an emergency then the person may be given the answer sooner.

Headache may also appear and some vomiting may happen and due to this one may feel light-headed if taking too greasy food.

During this phase eat light and avoid non-veg items, dry fruits, dairy, and eat khichdi, dalia, fruits, and vegetables.

Angel Number 1008: Ascension to a higher level has begun

By Namta Gupta