Angel Number 885: Sign for a visionary!

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Angel Number 885 is the sign of a kind person. A person seeing Angel Number 885 is likely to be a visionary in many ways. He could be an artist, he could be a chef, a police officer or he could be in any service he enjoys, but he would always be ahead of the rest. Universe sees this person’s restless soul and sends this Angel Number to tell him that he indeed is not part of the herd and yet he has to be in this herd so as to lead it in the right direction.

Angel Number 885 is a blessed sign for those who are assertive and disciplined towards their life goals for the Supreme Soul sees much utility in their methods and ambition. But those seeing this Angel Number must draw a line between being disciplined and in being authoritarian. They must walk this tight rope while remembering that the sense of justice is a gift given to people with a sweet-heart, steady mind, and an iron will.

God sends this sign as a mark of a special leader who would become an icon in his chosen field through his own karma and dharma. His fame would break barriers and boundaries and he would be cherished not as a person who did wrongs but the one who could do no wrong even at great danger to his very being.

Thus this is a unique Angel Number that probably would be witnessed by more evolved souls only.

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