Brown snake dream meaning: Break free from monotony

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A brown snake dream means the boredom your soul is feeling and is trying to break free.

Killing a brown snake in a dream or cutting or stabbing it is the soul’s way of telling a person to wake up and get moving towards his destiny. A brown snake dream often appears out of the blue letting a person know that his ‘comfortable routine’ life has become staid for his soul. Breaking out of the boredom is advised to a person seeing a brown snake. A snake striking or a person struggling against it or getting killed or devoured by it is a negative sign and shows a lack of willpower in breaking out of a boring pattern.

A person must eat different fruits, vegetables, do fasting, dance, sing, celebrate life, and also enjoy quiet time as and when possible.

However, it is also true that a person needs to be disciplined but it should not just be for work but for his mind, body, and soul. A person must take care of his soul.

Breaking out of old habits and patterns from time to time, learning new skills, and enjoying open yet ancient cultures, say India, is an excellent way to reinvigorate mind, body, and spirit and break the monotony.

A brown snake dream is nowhere a negative sign but it is indeed a sign for those who need to shun negative patterns and routine.

A pale brown snake barely breathing or stirring shows that the very last bit of residue of boredom or old patterns is dying out but still a person needs to persevere and dispose of it completely.

A brown snake dream should be accompanied by chanting of Goddess Mahalaxmi’s name and her directions must be sought to experience a new reality or Maya.

Let her energy flow into life freely to help the soul in need. The one who sees a brown snake dream, can also offer a tumbler of water as the mark of respect to Lord Vasuki and may seek his aid in removing negative energy patterns. After a while, a spiritual path will open and a bond with spiritual energies would get established, and then a person would find himself/herself as good as new.

Always remember that while the Supreme Soul or the God is ‘one’, yet he also possesses different powers or energies and also his subordinates who also make use of the energy of the Supreme Soul, hence, even if we worship him in one form and not in another, it does not stop our spiritual growth and all the worship only goes towards him/her.

The need to explain this is important as people tend to compartmentalize God and try to either put a gender tag or tend to create hierarchy but the Supreme Soul is in all and everything. The Supreme Soul is the source of energy that all living beings have in some parts.

All this is extremely crucial at the time when lower vibrational humans discuss one ‘True God’ and try to contain him in their narrow point of view, non-existent moral values, and shallow knowledge.

Snake bite dream meaning: Rising spirituality, healing for the ill is coming!

A mind that is confused and controlled will never allow the soul to fully reach out to the Supreme Soul and thus may end up rejecting divine help. No Angel Numbers can be given as an example since those usually are moving energy and do not explain a static one.

By Namta Gupta