Burgundy feather meaning: You are an ace manifester!

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Burgundy feather is the ultimate sign of Anahata (Heart) and Muladhara (Root) Chakra working towards bringing major gifts from the Universe.

Burgundy feather energy is for the higher level manifester and those in sync with the Universe’s energy.

Burgundy feather also leads to changes in one’s destiny and one may find himself/herself becoming more and more powerful in spirituality and has already achieved a higher level of merging/union with the Supreme Soul through karma, love, and service.

Hence, it is perfectly fine to say that the arrival of the Burgundy feather means that the Universe knows that since this seeker is always willing to take on a greater role and willing to serve hence, this heavier manifestation power would be used judiciously by the person. The Universe knows that this more potent manifestation power would be safe in the person’s hands as they are like the living embodiment of Dharma.

Burgundy feather never appears in dreams except for that one person among the many billions in a hundred-thousand year as this person has dedicated himself/herself for Dharma.

Yellow feather meaning: Time to be happy is now!

I recommend those who see burgundy feathers to stay in the energy of love, surrender, and kindness to earn further grace of the Supreme Soul.

By Namta Gupta