Grey hair dream meaning: Don’t doubt your abilities!

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Grey hair dream is common in times of confusion and sometimes in self-doubt.

Grey or white hair dream means growth in mind or expansion of thought that has happened in the dreamer over time. I used white hair also along with grey because in our language we call it ‘बाल का सफेद होना’ and सफेद means white in Hindi.

Grey hair dream or white hair dream also means that the intellect and the discernment skills of this dreamer are now superior to most others and soon others would seek this person out for advice on important matters.

It also means, in cases of some individuals, a siddhi or the power of speech and mind unlocking.

The voice of this dreamer would soothe people, animals, and even plants and trees, while the mind would work at a steady pace without hiccups, and on the path of Dharma.

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By Namta Gupta