Grey snake dream: Sign of an aware and energized soul

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A striking grey snake dream is the sign of an aware and energized soul ready for its next big mission. The person seeing a grey snake dream is likely to see a white snake dream next since his loved ones who are no more in 3D will join this adventure and also protect and guide as and when required.

A grey snake dream is the sign of a superior soul that has passed on from the brown snake stage and is now open to new deals, a new life, or new love.

After seeing a grey snake dream, a person may move to a new job, may move to a new country, or may end up being a new person altogether through an increase in everyday spirituality.

However, in all this, a person must not forget his family or loved ones since their prayers and wishes also helped him/her move forward and towards this stage.

Killing a grey snake in a dream by any means is never a good sign and shows that factors bigger than what the person even thought of are in motion to stop his/her march ahead.

But if the grey snake is in battle mode and is fighting hard and is able to protect its life then it is a clear sign that the person or the dreamer possesses the vigor to defend himself against these forces or people.

Brown snake dream meaning: Break free from monotony

A grey snake biting a pale looking dreamer is the sign that money energy is being infused in the life as part of karmic rewards and if a grey snake coils around the neck of the dreamer and stares at the person then it is the sign of love, physical intimacy and simply the divine protection heading the dreamer’s way.

A grey snake dream is a great sign but if the person sees a grey snake with patches of other colors also, then it is advisable to be clear about the predominant color before seeking a grey snake dream meaning.

By Namta Gupta