Number 10000: Bad karma backlog has been cleared, stay disciplined

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The people who see number 10000 may have been missing happiness or spark while undergoing intense spiritual awakening for a very long time.

The Supreme Soul understands the lack of mirth in the seeker’s life and sends this number to inform him/her that nearly all the bad karma has been released and lessons have been learned. In near future, depending on this person’s growth and efforts, good news would start pouring in one after the other.

Lord Ganesha says that the seeker must stay healthy, be disciplined, and take enough sunshine to keep energy within from dwindling.

Number 10000 has never appeared for anyone in the dream stage except perhaps for one. But in the mortal realm if it appears one after another, then be content that you are now standing on the threshold of a new beginning.

Likely the one who saw number 10000 will see or has seen yellow traffic light dream and maybe living an anxious life worrying about their life. And yet, this person has not broken down or compromised on Dharma or taken an Adharmik path.

Supreme Soul Ganesha sees and understands this and also wants to nudge this person on to a new path and for this, He would pour in and ignite new energy within the person to help the person achieve his/her deepest desires and wishes. In fact, all that aligns with Dharma will get manifested in the 3d realm.

Number 10000 does need a lot of patience so if you are seeing this number, then you indeed have achieved an extremely rare feat. You must have been a very dear person to the Supreme Soul Ganesha for perhaps many births and He would invest a lot of His powers in you, like, heightened intuition, yogic powers, sacred knowledge of numbers and symbols, and also of the internal workings of the Universe.

Number 10000 does lead to new happiness as the person enters a stage of equilibrium, however, from here on the path forward can only be clearer if you learn to control your anxiety with regards to your goals of any kind.

One wrong step will again pull you into the chakra of karma.

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Protecting and tending to sentient beings, choosing a compassionate lifestyle, and being honest and loving towards self will aid you in your chosen path.

By Namta Gupta