Number 2121 meaning: Your Twin Flame is ready to enter your life!

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Number 2121 is a reminder that the person also has a divine job towards True Love.

This person is fast moving towards his/her destined love and it is a holy duty to accommodate the partner’s yearnings and desires.

If you are the person seeing number 2121 then know that it also tells the person to not seek love if you are going to stop yourself from fully expressing the passion you hold in your heart.

Number 2121 is sent only to the individual in the dream state who is on the path of Twin Flame union alone. But High-level soulmates may also see this number as they technically will play the same role in society. These High-level soulmates will see this number when they have awakened to shoulder duties of Dharma and its holy duties.

Soulmates versus Twin Flames: Differences and Similarities

Number 2121 is thus not for everyone and one must immerse and commit to self-love, self-care, and cultivate empathy for the life partner before seeking either a full physical union or committing/cementing a relationship.

Twin Flames versus Soulmates: How one can distinguish between the two?

An unhappy, disgruntled person or someone who gets carried away due to outsiders or outside forces and uses the partner to ease anxiety with negativity is told to stop.  Those on the path of Dharmic union must learn to love deeply and live with dignity but also ask others to do the same.

For example, Lord Ram-Mother Sita and Mother Rukmini-Lord Krishna are great personalities to understand what and how we can live amicably without superseding others or our better half.

Number 2121 in love is thus about walking the fine balance with Dharma in one hand and love in another.

Those who are in separation from their destined love must learn to be respectful to the anxieties or the desires of their partner. Placing yourself in their shoes is a good way to do that and one must learn to appreciate their partner’s uniqueness.

Number 2121 hardly will appear in either lucid visions or dream stages since it is meant for rarest of the rarest souls, but the one who saw it in dreams must have put out a query to the Supreme Soul to know if this connection is worthy. And the Lord Ganesha says that one must learn to appreciate their life purpose, Dharmic duties, and also at an equal level, their partner and that this connection is either Twin Flame or a High-Level Soulmate.

Lord Ganesha says that a happy Dharmic union is not just about only one person’s needs and desires. Number 2121 connection is like two souls becoming fused into each other as if they are one and act singularly for the greater course of Dharma.

For this to happen both partners need to develop their respect for each other. Those who are seeing this number must also learn to meditate on the Anahata Chakra (meditate on Heart Chakra and chant ‘yam’ pronounced ‘yum’ as it is in yummy) and also Sahasrara Chakra (Crown ॐ or Om). For those who are doubting or are curious to know whether it is a Twin Flame or a High-Level Soulmate connection while seeing Number 2121, Lord Ganesha says it can be either as both serve the Dharma and also their own life purpose.

In love, money, health, or partnerships Number 2121 advises that both the partners pray for success for each other as they are so attuned to the highest of the Divine energies that whatever aligns with the Dharma will get immediately granted.

Number 2121 appears when the first contact/communication is about to take place.

No one is likely to see this number in dreams except that one who is either at Rishi or Dev-Devi level.

By Namta Gupta