Pink feathers meaning: You are a caregiver cherished by the Divine

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Pink feathers are the sign of the generosity of the cosmos and healing from the divine energy and also of the innocent and uncomplicated love that is heading a person’s way due to divine grace.

The person who sees a single pink feather is undoubtedly a blessed and calm soul who is forever willing to be meek, gay, and be in the moment of joy.

These people detest the idea of stress and take to spirituality to seek meaningful and pleasant association with the Supreme Soul.

The Supreme Soul sees these people as caregivers and loving souls and either a pink feather or a bunch of pink feathers would appear in their dream state or in their reality out of the blue to let them know that they are cherished people.

The Supreme Soul through the pink feathers wants to tell these souls that because they are sweet and innocent selves in the most formidable way and hence, they will soon receive spiritual blessings from the purest and the most divine soon.

Pink feathers also are a hint that the person’s Anahata Chakra (Heart) is open. A strong sense of well-being both for self and others has driven this person and the Supreme Soul appreciates their honesty in their work for the betterment of all sentient beings.

A bunch of pink feathers dripping blood means upheavals that may come crashing down due to the harm done to sentient beings by the person/dreamer that has ended up disappointing the Supreme Soul.

A bunch of pink feathers floating in water means that the Supreme Soul knows that the reason behind the actions of the person is his emotions and soon a reward for his services would arrive.

Burgundy feather meaning: You are an ace manifester!

Pink feathers floating in the air in a dream represent growth in the Anahata Chakra and a divine connection based on love will arrive.

By Namta Gupta