Rudraksha dream: Each face holds a unique message for the seeker

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Rudraksha dream holds great importance in the spiritual journey of the person. Those using the law of attraction usually see this in lucid visions and dreams when they are ready to reap the harvest energetically.

The face of rudraksha means mukhi in Hindi or the number of lines on it.

Here is what each face of the rudraksha means in dreams:

0 face: 0 face rudraksha dream represents complete happiness, the immortality of the receiver’s soul, and the glory of the receiver. Whatever he/she/dreamer is seeking will be granted without a second thought. Marriage, love, family, health, beauty, money, fame, or a more expressive connection with the Supreme Soul? What is desired would come to the person at the most appropriate time. This person has to some extent become one with the Supreme Soul through his/her innocence and kindness. Expect the greatest of things, wisdom, and deeds from this individual. His/her fame would last millions of years and this soul may become a designated deity. It would also mean that the Supreme Soul has given its own heart to the person out of great respect and love. There is no honor that could ever match this.

1 face: This rudraksha dream is the sign of completion of many cycles for the dreamer and the beginning of precision, dedication, and passion towards one single goal. The goal could be anything in the waking life but the 1 face rudraksha dream tells him/her that all he/she is dedicated to or is manifesting will come due to karma, kindness, the grace of God, and also due to sheer willpower. This person is also one in many millions and would attain name through spirituality, donations towards Dharma, and wisdom or sacred knowledge.

2 face: Are you in love or desire a life partner? Perhaps you desire someone as good as you and want your partner to be spiritual? This person is the missing part of your heart?  Then this is the sign that this is happening. 2 face rudraksha represents supreme love that we Hindus know in the form of Lord Ram-Mother Sita, Lord Shiva-Goddess Parwati, Lord Vishnu-Goddess Lakshmi, or Lord Brahma-Mother Saraswati who are ‘whole’ only when they are together. Spiritual companionship of higher-level Dharmic beings, powers including making prophecies is granted to individuals who see 2 face rudraksha dream. Help from spiritual entities is always available to these people.

3 face: 3 face rudraksha dream is much like the Tulsi dream and the Lotus dream in strength and blessings.  It grants the dreamer many powers and yet asks him/her to not forget that the vessel i.e. the body will always have limitations. From mortal body to an empowered soul is what it asks the dreamer to believe in and wants him/her to work for the good and the empowerment of the soul.

No wonder then that the 3 face rudraksha dream leads to changes in psychology, sleeping patterns, tilt towards more compassionate and low-calorie diets, and even bodyweight as the body of the dreamer would be prepared for level spiritual gifts. The power to communicate with spiritual beings opens as soon as this dream comes. Visitations and requests from long-departed ancestors, birds, animals, and other mortal and immortal beings may come after seeing this dream. Hence, be prepared but take a break from time to time. Lord Ganesha advises the dreamer to do charity towards sentient beings, and also the flora but first start respecting and taking care of oneself. Being kind to own self is also part of the nurturing of the soul.

4 face: Money, wisdom gained through expenditures as well as earnings, extreme potential/power with regards to fame and fortune is expected when the 4 face rudraksha dream comes.  Expect miracles in projects and expect a well-earned leisurely break after relentless good karma.  This is a very rare gift as most people use the money to splurge over the mundane but this individual will do everything in consultation with the Supreme Soul. If the Supreme Soul says ‘donate all and everything’, then this person would donate all and everything. If the Supreme Soul says bury every last of your coins, then this person will bury every last of his coins. This, thus, is a very high-level connection that the dreamer has earned after facing trials and tribulations in many births.

5 face:  This rudraksha dream is the sign of a person who is walking on an unknown path and isn’t sure what to expect next. But, his good karma ensures that the thorns become blooming roses and that the ground he/she treads on changes course to help him/her reach the destiny. This person may be a life path number 5 as well and will face the most extreme shifts ever both outside and within. No power can conquer this person as he is a victor even when he is alone and unrecognized while working on the path of Dharma. This person will have an acute sense of justice and won’t spare even his/her dearest if found deviating from the path of what is just and right. Expect great and important treatises coming from this person.

6 face: If you saw this rudraksha dream then there are high chances are that you received it from Lord Shiva. This rudraksha dream means that now all and every bit of the Universe will work towards granting the person material wishes like opulence, money, love, marriage, or even beauty, and fame.

This rudraksha dream is a rare phenomenon but it imparts sorcerer-like qualities and powers for the dreamer due to his/her Dharmic tilt. Please note, this happens very rarely but the one who received the 6 face rudraksha dream is likely a very great soul who earned the faith of the Supreme Soul’s masculine energy and is now ready to unlock every treasure chest.

This means that for this person, nothing materially is out of bounds. Love, marriage, eternal youth, vigor, sexual prowess, marital bliss, money, fame, fortune, and manifestation powers will now reach a more glorious height.

8 face: This rudraksha dream speaks of the infinite times that we live in. It also means that the dreamer seeks a more compact and everlasting union that would enable him/her to become one with the Supreme Soul soon. In short, Moksha is in the hands of the dreamer now. This rudraksha dream also leads to financial gains of a higher level for the dreamer in the very near future.

Om dream meaning: You are a blessed being connected with the Divine

11 face: This rudraksha dream or even vision represents the oneness of the receiver with the Supreme Soul’s different energies, avatars, and facets.

It leads to an increase in manifestation powers as the soul has struck a very close connection with the Supreme Soul. Great realizations and insights over things both big and small are granted to the mortal to make use of it in his/her journey. Thus in a way, it is cooperation, coordination, and co-creation happening with love, honor, and respect between the seeker and the Supreme Soul.

Shivling dream meaning: Blessings, love, money and powers enter your life!

By Namta Gupta