Shooting star dream meaning: Changes and Blessings are coming!

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Shooting star dream is rare to see as its energy can be really high, which may end up waking up the dreamer almost immediately.

Most of the time, a shooting star dream leads to significant changes with regards to mental make-up, heart, and soul. It is a sign of wish-fulfillment as well. Many of us may have seen a shooting star dream but not all of us understand this dream’s biggest blessing i.e., as I said earlier, it heralds changes pertaining to mind, heart, and soul. Now, these three when strengthened pull miracles or blessings. Those who practice the Law of Attraction know very well the importance of all three.

A shooting star which may seem a little too near and looks like a ball of light coming towards the dreamer, like a ball for playing catch shows that the dreamer’s most heartfelt desire is now nearer than ever.

A far-off shooting star, barely visible, in a dream, means a goal that may get achieved but would unlikely add to the growth of the person.

In a dream, if a shooting star is seen while seeing oneself in a green space, then it means that the manifestation would come from the force of heart/love and not from emotionless brute force or labor.

In the shooting star dream, if the dreamer witnesses a dog staring at a shooting star, then it means that loyalty is forever rewarding and therefore, to not ditch a person or a project.

A shooting star seen suddenly frozen at its brightest is the mark of an event that has unexpectedly stopped a blessing and it may need more good karma currency to pull it through.

Shooting star dream leads to growth in a person and is a major sign for anyone invested in the Law of Attraction. Thus I would say that shooting star seen, even externally also, is the sign of good luck.