Silver snake dream: Take care of your roots, a breakthrough is coming!

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God’s energy is golden but there are other positive energies as well; such as certain types of spirits, ghosts, demigods, yakshas, and even animal spirits who were once attached to the silver snake dream seeing person in a birth cycle.

Did you see a silver snake dream?

A silver snake is the sign of these positive spiritual forces. A silver snake appears when there these beings would like to reveal their identities and request your attention one more time. They may like to bless the person and yes they do have the power to provide material and spiritual help as well as they always work closely with Mother Nature and often come to Earth to check on your well-being.

They however may require certain types of gifts from you like a piece of cloth or some food that needs to be given away in charity keeping them in mind.  They may also be craving your affection as they could have been your soulmate once earlier.

Some of these could be the Lok Devtas or Folk Deities who are mighty proud of you and may like to see you from time to time. Lord Ganesha worship is advised for people seeing a silver snake dream as the Lord can direct them to help you in a much better way that nurtures your soul.

A silver snake being killed or hurt by the dreamer or the dreamer witnessing such a scene means the death of one’s civilizational links or the destruction of one’s roots which would completely destroy good karma in the long run.

On the other hand, a silver snake being cherished or slithering proudly and safely is the sign that the roots of the person stand safe and secure and so does his soul.

A silver snake in a dream is the sign of love from the spirit world and the energy corresponds with the Angel Number 3333 the most. Please do read this to understand it better.

A silver snake dream is also a sign that a person is able to see spirits.

My sole advice is to keep Lord Ganesha in your heart and just remain kind to those around you, sentient beings included.

Cherish your culture, your food, your language, or where you are today because this is where you were meant to be always. Please do also keep soul clean from hatred and religious bigotry, or language or cultural supremacist attitude as a soul reincarnates from one culture or place to another. Trying to put another person or language down to feel superior is as good as uprooting the dharmic or the moral foundations of the soul.

Stay calm and meditate daily to better grasp the mysteries of life.

A silver snake is also a sign of the Supreme Soul to make a person understand that he/she is being taken care of not just by him but by his helpers as well.

Fear not these powers and entities as they are spirit guides and devas

Who a person can trust. If anything, they only want to help and desire nothing but just a person’s love once again.

A silver snake is a great sign when a person is developing psychic abilities and has desired communion with other spiritual entities. Silver snake is an amazing sign if the person is trying to manifest alchemical abilities or is in the process of making a breakthrough in modern medicines such as but not restricted to allopathy. It is the sign of the super success of medicine and also that medicine would save several beings from diseases.

Golden snake dream meaning: Spiritual gifts are heading your way!

By Namta Gupta