Slipping dream meaning: Common yet important

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Slipping dream is common especially during times of upheavals on stress in waking life. If seen without any external stimuli and if the dream keeps recurring, then it is time to ask what it means.

It mostly implies that the dreamer is lacking balance in life if the slip is seen without water.

With water, slipping dream mean that a situation is coming up and your soul or your higher consciousness believes you would not be able to handle it.

If you are the one who saw the slipping dream, then this is for you.

Seeing yourself or your loved ones slip is also a sign of a breakthrough in which you may be able to glide through but since you insist on taking the hard route and walk instead of taking a little jump, hence, Supreme Soul wants you to trust and take the leap.

Slipping dreams are also common if the dreamer in his/her waking life is feeling stifled or controlled by forces out of his control. His/her higher consciousness is seeking divine assistance and this slipping dream is the sign that it needs help right away.

If the person does not fall in the slipping dream and manages to stay upright, then it means that the divine help will be provided but if he/she falls down then it means that the help would not come as it would stop the soul from growing from the experience, and may stop or delay some other important wishes from appearing in your life.

If seeing an animal like a dog slip in the dream then it is time to show respect or donate for the wellbeing of sentient beings.

If you see yourself fall down after slipping and you become unconscious then it means that in the waking life an enemy or a challenger is coming to overpower you. But if after getting unconscious, the dreamer is still able to revive and be on his/her feet then that is great news since the enemy and the negative forces will stand defeated.

If you slip while eating or drinking then you may lose an opportunity which you thought was yours, but if you end up saving your food or drink, then it means that the opportunities would still remain despite the challengers.

Now, why do we see a slipping dream?

Mostly anyone sees this dream or sign after numerous prayers for assistance have been made either consciously or unconsciously. This is the sign we get to get the answer.

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By Namta Gupta