Stepping on snake tail dream meaning: Your luck is being boosted!

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Stepping on a snake tail dream is something that we experience in our waking lives. We put ourselves in dangerous situations and expect that they shouldn’t do any harm to us or our possessions. It is also an idiom pretty known in Hindu society.

So what does stepping on a snake tail dream mean especially when it does not bite?

Lord Ganesha says that stepping on a snake tail without the biting means crossing a new threshold or something which was to be extremely dangerous but has been crossed without trouble.

Stepping on snake tail dream usually comes when a major hurdle or a life-threatening obstacle has been neutralized by the Assisting Devas or the Spirit Guides at the command of the Supreme Soul.

In certain cases, it could also mean that the Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra has been unleashed at its highest frequency possible. This usually means that money gates, passion, and love have been opened up.

But mostly, and I  repeat, stepping on a snake tail dream means crossing a life-threatening hurdle.

A black snake in dreams is often a sign of a person’s intuition. Crossing intuition represented by this black snake means that the dreamer has knowledge and wisdom beyond the years of this life cycle.

Among Hindus stepping on a snake tail and the reptile biting also means to not trust anything and any more beyond intuition or the lessons learned in the present life cycle.

The bite from the black snake after stepping on its tail also means hidden problems, psychic attacks, and other troubles which await the dreamer as he/she is becoming too reckless in the waking life. The black snake then appears at the command of the Supreme Soul and Guardian Deva Guides as a warning to the person.

The snake not biting after the dreamer steps on its tail means the end of worries as the intuition is now assured of the dreamer’s safety because the protection of this individual is now in the hands of more powerful and able entities then what it could possibly ever provide.

So, rejoice at this unique victory, my friend! Your karma has brought this invaluable gift to you!

If stepping on a snake tail dream appears repeatedly then the dreamer must know that money flow, and love blessings, despite the obstacles put on by the mind, are still coming as the pull of this skeptical mind has been nullified by the power of the Supreme Soul.

This energy will last easily for 3 weeks during which, miracles of all types will blossom.

Snake bite dream meaning: Rising spirituality, healing for the ill

Affirmation like:

“I welcome all love, love proposals, money, weight loss, health, beauty, other blessings coming to me” is a great way to start the day and this must continue for 3 weeks as the Supreme Soul is pushing the limitations and boosting the dreamer’s luck further.

By Namta Gupta