Tiger dream meaning: Time to tighten up the seat belt

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A tiger dream is actually a sign of an intervention coming to take the seeker on to a new and rather ‘elevated’ path.

Tiger dream thus is specific in nature and requires the dreamer to think it through fully before arriving at a conclusion.

Seeing a tigress with her cubs represents newfound happiness in a nascent project which took a long time to even conceptualize.

Tiger dream in which the being is looking as if staring at a fire or is seen with burning eyes hints at an obsessive someone eyeing you. This person is under disguise and will not or cannot speak to you about it. Now, here is the deal, this dream can go either way and is thus a warning from the 5th dimension to take care of your safety or move in groups. This is also a sign from the Supreme Soul to watch out for people or beings with evil intentions as they may make a move that may jeopardize your life.

Seeing a tiger walking down while the dreamer is standing or watching from a 90-degree angle, with only the spinal region of the animal being visible, implies that the dreamer is near to a person who was very elusive and hiding for a long time.

A tiger on the prowl or hunting an animal means that the dreamer’s energy is rising and is now deadly. The dreamer is advised to use this surge in energy and go for weightlifting so as to keep this energy constructive.

Tiger snarling in the dream means that your future spouse or your current partner is either angry, losing patience, or feeling aggrieved. This tiger dream is only for those on the soulmate or the twin flame journey. Otherwise, a snarling tiger means that the dreamer’s energy is making them restless. In this case, the dreamer is advised cold water showers and extensive swimming to keep this energy peaceful and in control.

A quiet or stoic-looking tiger staring ahead could mean that your love or your ambitious project is now nearly over and that the dreamer’s soul has accepted fate with a calm demeanor.

A tiger sitting alone with its paw stretched out means the ability of the dreamer to always be in charge without any stress or doubts about their leadership.

Tiger dream could also mean that the dreamer knows their worth and would still remain away from the brouhaha and the milling crowd since they know they are important and have no urge to go on a world domination campaign to prove anything.

Tiger looking at a tree and then sitting under its shade means that you need a place to meditate daily.

Tiger simply walking and then going round and round in a circle and then sitting down that the dreamer must think properly and release their stress.

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Tiger dream also means that the dreamer has almost achieved their wishes but still needs to keep it all under wraps till the very last.

Tiger killing the dreamer or even chasing them implies that your powers or talents won’t let you be at peace as they are what makes you strong and happy. Invest time in them and be at peace.

Killing a tiger or a tiger cub implies that the dreamer has finally shunned every bit of the moral values that they once stood for. This tiger dream also means that now the 5th d energies/beings will no longer assist or aid you till you repent and became the same innocent person they so cherished.

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Seeing an unknown woman riding a tiger means that the feminine or artistic side of the dreamer is fully prepared to lead on. If the dreamer sees themselves riding a tiger then it means that you are the master and will take charge in a fatal or extremely dangerous situation soon.

Namta Gupta