Pakistan knocks at the UN to internationalize Kashmir, yet again

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Pakistan has again knocked at the doors of the UN to address what its press information department termed as the “deteriorating situation in occupied Kashmir.”

Indian Kashmir is often termed as occupied by Pakistan.

In a meeting of OIC Ambassadors with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New York, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN Maleeha Lodhi said the escalating tension in the occupied valley can destabilize South Asia.

She said that Pakistan wants a peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute to avert any ‘crisis’ in the region.

The Pakistani envoy also used religious sway when she said that Kashmir issue is a priority for the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) to address. In short, Pakistan will be using the OIC to pull punches on India.

Lodhi also said, “that the disturbing trend of rising Islamophobia is no longer limited just to Western countries but was being witnessed in Asia too where Muslims were facing mob violence every day.”

The press information department of Pakistan said that during the interactive meeting between the Ambassadors from Islamic countries and the UN chief, a number of issues came under discussion, including Palestine, Islamophobia and the situation being faced by Rohingya Muslims.

But what about Pakistan’s own track record of violence against the minorities?

Recently a Hindu man was attacked in broad daylight for blasphemy against Islam. Pakistan’s monetary contribution in the upkeep of Rohingyas, which countries like India have to bear, is nil while its ethnic Hazara minorities face discrimination. The abduction of Hindu and Christian girls and boys in Pakistan and their exodus is also a problem. While Pakistani talks about Islamophobia and Kashmir, it fails to acknowledge the genocide in Balochistan and its own several phobias.

India is likely to brush off these charges but it also may need to join forces with Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan and Israel in exposing Pakistan’s designs in destabilizing the region.

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