Pakistani Muslims again rioted against Hindus citing blasphemy, but the conspiracy is deeper than you think

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The riots that happened in Ghotki and Mirpur Mathelo and Adilpur of Sindh, against the Pakistani Hindus, is not your everyday riot. A carefully planted blasphemy rumour was put out using a teenager Muslim boy’s Facebook account right after the abduction of a Hindu girl Monika aged around 13. This is the same Monika who was able to go free after abuse and assaults, after ‘willingly’ converting to Islam as per the Sufi Pirs of Sindh.

Monika was kidnapped some 28 hours before the rumour of blasphemy was planted against the Hindu principal Notan Mal, of the Sindh Public School, who, incidentally, gave refuge to Monika and her family after she had returned to the family last time.

Notan was a thorn in the eyes of the Sufi Pirs who saw him as a threat to their supremacy and went after his head with the blasphemy rumour. Once, a man is accused of blasphemy, there is no place safe, even the officers in charge of keeping law and order can commit murder to take revenge for Islam as happened in the case of the Governor of Pakistani Punjab Salman Taseer.

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Also, it is imperative to note here that this Hindu principal Notan was gearing up for another round of protests to bring Monika back this time also, so he was the natural enemy for the Sufi Pirs of Sindh, who enjoy the full backing of the state. It was his desire to challenge the might of the sexual groomers of minor girls, which finally cost Notan his freedom and with the media and the human rights workers being controlled by the Military Intelligence and the ISI, it is the clear cut case of injustice and nothing else. In this case, we also must remember another Hindu man Prakash who was arrested on the charge of blasphemy and was never heard of again.

Now, if Notan is inside and the Hindu community is so afraid to come out, then what will happen to Monika?

Incidentally, the Islamic state of Pakistan never does a medical examination of Hindu girl victims and the parents of these girls just thank their stars that at least their girls come back, but rarely are these girls able to enjoy a free life as is the case with Monika. The riot served two major purposes; show Pakistani Hindus their place and also, that the state will do everything to kill away any opposition to its silent genocide and the sexual grooming of minor Hindu girls.

The migration of Pakistani Hindus increased after the abduction of Pakistani Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari in 2012, it will definitely be unstoppable as the Pakistani media spews hate against Hindus.

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Namta Gupta with crucial inputs from Asad Chandio