Should Rajinikanth have gone to Sri Lanka?

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This is the post of Malaysian leader Professor Dr. Ramasamy and his views on whether superstar Rajinikanth should have gone to Sri Lanka. Tamil parties in India protested against the visit following which the star canceled the trip. Only minor changes have been made in his original writing:

Earlier Rajinikanth wanted to visit the Tamil areas of the island but then backed out after it proved to be unpopular amongst the Tamils.

Some say that he should have visited the island in order to bring some sense of relief to the suffering Tamil masses.

But then there are others who say that Rajinikanth deliberately politicized his visit to ensure that his movie to be released soon hits box-office.

While Rajinikanth is popular actor and a even a super-star, he might not bring much good to the suffering Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka by making one or two visits.

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Even if he visits Sri Lanka, his movements would be closely watched and monitored by the racist and devilish Sri Lankan genocidal regime, a regime that his the prime cause of Tamil misery.

What we want in Sri Lanka is for an international investigation of the genocide against the Tamils that took place during and after the civil war that ended in 2009 and the hundreds and thousands of Tamils who are still missing.

In the final analysis, we want a referendum for Tamils to decide on what kind of political solution they would want, whether they want a federal-set up or separate state.

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