Raveena Tandon gets trolled by journalists

Raveena Tandon, Hindu, Hindutva, India, Ramayana

Raveena Tandon must be used to fans asking random questions but some journalists too joined in and the conversation went downhill from there.

Targeted for posting about Ramayan, Raveena Tandon was angry and said that her beliefs were questioned. She also told the journalists that her elders were Hindus too.

She also asked a premium Indian newspaper whether journalists can actually say these things on personal beliefs.

Here are the tweets that show what Raveena Tandon was facing on Twitter:

Due to extensive vitriol on Twitter Sonu Nigam has decided to even delete his account after fellow singer Abhijeet was banned from the platform. You can read more about it here.

What Raveena Tandon faced on Twitter is however just the tip of the iceberg this time. In the past too, she was attacked viciously for her faith and her views by many.

But the lady did keep her cool and told the other women journalists to have a great day.

But she did raise a fine question. Do journalists have the right to go personal, while putting forth their opinions? Where should we draw the line on social media?