Tapan Ghosh: A strong non-political challenger in West Bengal

Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati, Tuktuki Mondal, West Bengal, activist, Keshaveshwar Hindu temple

West Bengal, June  16, 2016: There is a new challenger for Hindutva and secular agenda in West Bengal and he is not a politician. We are talking about Hindu Samhati, the NGO that works for Hindu human and cultural rights in West Bengal, which has emerged as a force to reckon with in recent times under the leadership of not-at-all-politically-correct Tapan Ghosh.

Tapan Ghosh is a big name in West Bengal for his uncompromising stance on Hindu rights and he has been sharing news that media often overlooks. Like in the case of Malda riots or the Tuktuki Mondal kidnapping case or the recent communal tensions at the Mandir Bazar, Tapan Ghosh has been the first window of information.

People may call him communal or short-sighted or a little rough, yet there are people for whom Tapan Ghosh is nothing short of a ‘saviour.’ Although centred in West Bengal, his appeal is increasing; he has embarked on tours to Assam, Delhi and has also given presentations in the USA.

Tapan Ghosh even has stable Hindi and other language followers who urge him to spread his wings and he is considered a man with a vision for the society; he is anti-caste, he is liberal for Hindu women, and he is certainly pro-poor.

In short, he has all the makings of becoming a bigger force than he is at present, if only, he considers it and this is why he is the man who BJP should fear if it really wants the Hindu votes. But that would only be the case when Tapan Ghosh decides to enter the political space or give a call against it, which he has never done till now. Right now he is happy just being in West Bengal and serving the Hindu society, something which he feels the state BJP, TMC or CPI (M) or Congress, cannot do.

In the current case of taking on the biggies of politics, Tapan Ghosh shot a letter to Chief Minister of West Bengal, District Magistrate of South 24 Parganas and Superintendent of Police of South 24 Parganas to say that the loudspeaker be allowed to be used at the Keshaveshwar Hindu temple.

There was a flare-up over the use of loudspeaker at the Temple in the month of Ramazan and in the all-party meeting Madan Kayal, Block President of BJP, agreed to not use the loudspeaker at all during it.

Tapan Ghosh in a statement on Facebook pointed out, again, without any sugar-coating:

“It is quite interesting to note that the Sec 295 has been imposed against both Hindus and Muslims but Sec 307 i.e. attempt to murder, has been imposed only against 11 Hindus.”


Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati, Tuktuki Mondal, West Bengal, activist, Keshaveshwar Hindu temple


Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati, Tuktuki Mondal, West Bengal, activist, Keshaveshwar Hindu temple

He also gave the rationale behind his letter sending move and said that the decision must be reconsidered as emotions of ‘thousands of Hindus, in the area,’ are involved with it.

And here is what he wrote that must stress out BJP, which has been playing the Hindutva card for far too long, without any challenge so far:

“I also pointed out that there was no representative from any Hindu organization in the said all party meeting and the decision has been biased.”