US Hindu Temple attacker is a ‘White Male Teen’ and operated ‘Alone’

Hindu ,Temple,Louisville, USA, desecration, Christian Supremacist, Swaminarayan Temple

US Hindu Temple attacker has been arrested.

The attacker of the Louisville’s Swaminarayan Temple has turned out to be a 17-year-old ‘White’ male who acted alone, said the Louisville Metro Police Department in a press conference on February 1st.

The Hindu Temple was attacked some time in between the mornings of January 28 and 29.

6th Division Detective Sgt. Russell Montfort addressed the conference and spoke at length over the issue:

Hindu ,Temple,Louisville, USA, desecration, Christian Supremacist, Swaminarayan Temple
The arrest of a teenager was nothing short of shocking.

The police said that the juvenile broke into the Temple and that his act had some religious aspect to it and said that in his act ‘there was a bias’.

He also said that now the courts will decide whether to charge him for a hate crime while stating that since the attacker is a juvenile hence, his picture will not be released to the reporters.

Hindu ,Temple,Louisville, USA, desecration, Christian Supremacist, Swaminarayan Temple
Abuse filled graffiti on the walls.

The 17-year-old after breaking into the Temple and had written expletives for the Hindus calling them ‘w***’ and ‘foreign B***’ while writing that ‘Jesus is All Mighty’, ‘Jesus Is The Only Lord,’  ‘+ is everything’ among others.

Due to the magnitude of the desecration, it was believed that more than one person could be behind this act of vandalism but that a teenager acted alone in the crime has sent shockwaves in the community prompting the Hindu American Foundation’s Director of Government Relations, Jay Kansara to initially state that this ‘it’s no secret that hate crimes are on the rise against Hindus in the United States. We at HAF are shocked but sadly not surprised by this ugly incident of vandalism, apparently by Christian supremacists unable to tolerate minority faiths in Louisville.’

This is not the first time that Hindus have come under the weather.

According to reports in 2015, some 40 Hindu religious flags were burned outside a home in Queens (a New York City borough) on Thanksgiving Day, while to humiliate the American Hindus a Muslim man also put up anti-Hindu signs on his property.

Namta Gupta

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