Book review: High Andes

Book review: High Andes

Author: Rolf Margenau

ISBN: 978-0-9882311-3-9

There are many wonderful and talented independent authors’ books I have read and re-read during the lockdown. This is also one of them.

So much so, that I often wonder why our cinematic geniuses never set their eyes on them and utilize the plots to render a quality emotional cinematic experience for the public.

CGI and rehashing old materials have become a norm these days despite some really good and fresh writing available which is just sad.

This is one such book that I believe will make for an interesting movie.

High Andes would tug at the readers’ hearts and make them visualize the predicament of society and the setting of this novel is rather unique.

The language used by the author to weave the plot is also a plus point.

High Andes is amazing and stresses the right message with regards to moral corruption that does not stop even those in law enforcement to take advantage of the common people.

From the very onset itself, it is a sort of disturbing setup.

But it is the lack of moral values in the people who swear to be upholders of justice which is likely to put a crease on the reader’s forehead.

The helplessness and the silence that has been put forth by the Author keeps a reader on the edge and the climax is also its strong point. However, this is done without being ‘preachy’.

The editing of this book is also good and to be fair, only solid editing can make any book a great reading experience, and here, the pace, as well as the length of the book, is on point.

The characters are also not unidimensional and have enough meat in them to keep a reader either sympathetic or raging over their actions and convictions.

There are many factors that make reading High Andes worthwhile, hence, I would most certainly recommend it for at least a one-time reading.

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