Air India begins seat reservation for women

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Air India is ready to offer women fliers better service. The airline has decided that the 6 seats on every domestic flight will be reserved for women starting January 18. This reservation is for the domestic flights only for now.

The move would likely go down well with the women fliers as in the past several have complained of getting harassed on the flights. Whether the offer will be extended to international routes is not clear and no communication on this has come to light.

Air India challenges unflattering report!

Air India was in news earlier when a Bloomberg article claimed that the ‘Air India is Ranked Third-Worst (OTP) Performing Airline In World.’ The airline challenged the report and called it fabricated. OTP means on-time performance where AI apparently did not do well.

This was the statement that the carrier issued and contested the claims of the report .

AI is India’s landmark airline but it has often come under fire for not being aggressive when faced with criticism but this time it seems that the criticism went too far prompting the airline to issue clarification!

As per the list, the worst 10 International Airlines of 2016  are:

10. Hainan Airlines – 30.3 percent

9. Korean Air – 31.74 percent

8. Air China – 32.73 percent

7. Hong Kong Airlines – 33.42 percent

6. China Eastern Airlines – 35.8 percent

5. Asiana Airlines – 37.46 percent

4. Philippine Airlines – 38.33 percent

3. Air India – 38.71 percent

2. Icelandair – 41.05 percent

1. El Al – 56 percent

The best 10 International Airlines of 2016 are:

10. Qantas – 15.7 percent

9. TAM Linhas Aereas – 14.93 percent

8. Delta Air Lines – 14.83 percent

7. Singapore Airlines – 14.55 percent

6. ANA – 14.46 percent

5. Austrian – 14.26 percent

4. Qatar Airways – 13.66 percent

3. JAL – 12.2 percent

2. Iberia – 11.82 percent

1. KLM – 11.47 percent

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