Carpentry –way towards self – reliance-Initiative of NERCRMS

New Delhi, January 29, 2022: Mangminlun Singsit, a resident of Khochijang Village in Churachandpur District, had endured a lot of suffering to support his family. The family’s economic status was inseparable due to limited resources and access to basic services. Their lives were in jeopardy. However, he was fortunate to be a carpenter. He started working at a large carpentry workshop in town, earning a meagre amount of Rs. 300/- (rupees three hundred) only per day. With such an acute amount of money, he was unable to take care of his families’ basic needs.

He was chosen as a carpentry beneficiary in the year 2018-19 and received a financial support of Rs. 18000/- (rupees eighteen thousand only) under the NERCORM Phase-III Project of NERCRMS, NEC, Ministry of DoNER, GoI. Accordingly, he purchased the necessary equipment for carpentry activity. The regular income from the carpentry activity gave him the opportunity support his family and send his children to school for quality education.

I am very grateful to the NaRMG for selecting me and will remain indebted to NERCORM Project for giving a ray of hope. I pray that the project continues its beautiful journey in our village.” – Mr. Mangminlun Singsit, Project Beneficiary, Churachandpur.

Later, he owned a modest carpentry shop and expanded his business, intending to become a well-known carpenter not only in the village, but throughout the town. With the support of NaRMG, now he has become a successful entrepreneur and also a Master Trainer. It is his sheer passion and commitment that makes him stands out from the crowd today.

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