Overall Mineral Production Goes Up by 8.8% during January, 2023

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New Delhi, April 21, 2023: The index of mineral production of mining and quarrying sector for the  month of January, 2023 (Base: 2011-12=100) at 135.9, is 8.8% higher as compared to the level in the month of January, 2022. As per the provisional figures of Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), the cumulative growth for the period April- January, 2022-23 over the corresponding period of previous year is 5.8 per cent.

Production level of important minerals in January, 2023 were: Coal 903 lakh tonnes, Lignite 40 lakh tonnes, Natural gas (utilized) 2913 million cu. m., Petroleum (crude) 25 lakh tonnes, Bauxite 2190 thousand tonnes, Chromite 388 thousand tonnes, Copper conc. 9 thousand tonnes , Gold 174 kg, Iron ore 241 lakh tonnes, Lead conc.32 thousand tonnes, Manganese ore 282 thousand tonnes, Zinc conc.150 thousand tonnes, Limestone 359 lakh tonnes, Phosphorite 196 thousand tonnes, Magnesite 7 thousand tonnes, and Diamond 4 carat.

Important minerals showing positive growth during January, 2023 over January, 2022 include: Phosphorite (64.8%), Gold (62.6%), Coal (13.4%), Iron Ore

(12.0%), Lead conc (9.9%), Natural Gas (5.3%), Limestone (3.9%), Manganese Ore (2.9%), and Bauxite (1.6%). Other important minerals showing negative growth include: Petroleum (-1.1%), Chromite (-2.5%), Copper conc (-4.3%), Lignite(-13.7%), Magnesite(-33.5%) and Zinc conc (-89.7%).

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