Railway freight revenue overtakes last years cumulative figures

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New Delhi, February 15, 2021: First time post Covid, Indian Railway’s cumulative Freight Revenue has surged past last year’s levels and stands at Rs 98068.45 crore as compared to Rs 97342.14 to Fy 20-21 in the same corresponding.

On a month-to-month basis as well, in the first 12 days of February, Railways has overtaken last years freight revenue figures by 5%.

On a monthly basis, Railway freight revenue has surged Rs 206 crore ahead on Feb 21 compared to the corresponding period Feb last year.

As per the estimates, Railways freight revenue stood at Rs 4571 cr for the first 12 days of Feb as compared to Rs 4365 cr for the same period last FY. Incidentally, loading is also ahead by almost 8% as compared to last year same corresponding.

Railways has achieved this turnaround due to an extraordinary set of new initiatives being taken in improving business development, incentives, speed and customization.

It may be noted that Freight loading has been showing higher figures since August 20 as compared to the corresponding period of the previous Financial year. This is for the First time post-Covid lockdown that freight revenue for the month has also been showing higher estimates as compared to last corresponding.

Higher Freight revenue for the month is being considered a great signal of an all-round economic recovery that is sweeping the country and speaks volumes about the new management initiatives being taken in Railways to boost business and further improve freight operations.

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