Why is Shikhar Dhawan angry with Emirates airline?

Shikhar Dhawan is an Indian cricketer known for keeping his cool in the toughest of situations on the field. However, he lost his cool at the Emirates airline today when his family got stuck at the Dubai airport.

Worse, one of the staff from the Emirates was allegedly being rude to the cricketer and his family.

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Dhawan was on his way to South Africa with his family when he was told by the airline staff that his wife and kids cannot board the flight from Dubai to Soth Africa. They were asked to produce birth certificates and other documents for his kids at the airport which the cricketer was not carrying at that moment.

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The cricketer told his fans that his family is stuck at the Dubai airport waiting for the documents to arrive. He also questioned as to why the Emirates did not notify about such a situation when he and his family were boarding the plane from Mumbai?

Shikhar Dhawan tweeted his unhappiness and called out the Emirates airlines in these two tweets:

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