Farmer’s own fabricator customizing their agriculture tools and transport vehicle hoods

New Delhi, December 13, 2021: Aniket Kanade, from Kendure village, a rain shadow area in Shirur block of Pune district with rainfed low earning agriculture activities, is now a pioneer fabricator of hand-tools & bullock operated agriculture tools for rural farmers in his village. He has become a changemaker of his community—thanks to his training in basic rural technology and his own determination.

Aniket received his training in Diploma in Basic Rural Technology (DBRT) designed for rural youth from Vigyan Ashram (VA). The DBRT training is being implemented by VA with support from the Department of Science & Technology (DST), SEED division. After the training, Aniket started a rural enterprise called ‘Kanade bodybuilder & fabrication work’ in his native village, where he fabricates ploughs, harrows, sowing drills and so on.

Initially, the farmers did not have confidence in his products with regards to agriculture. With time, the farmers began relying on the tools developed by his enterprise and ordered them as per their requirements, sowing the seeds of transformation by empowering communities through S&T.

Aniket fabricates many bullock & tractors operated agricultural equipment’s along with pick-up van hoods. His tools are known for better quality in lower price. As he has got trained through a ‘multi-skill’ approach, he can better understand farmers (customers) problems and provide excellent service.

Aniket, better known as ‘farmers own fabricator’ in his area, is providing service to rural community in vicinity of 250 Km in Pune and Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state. He is also providing full-time livelihood source to 3-4 skilled labours in his village with Rs.35 to 40 Lakh annual tern-over.

He wishes to adopt CNC equipment’s, CAD designing, powder coating, and other advanced technologies to reach out to his fellow villagers and provide them with improved services at home.

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