#Youth4DigitalPaisa: Mobile and Digital Banking induction campaign for youth

#Youth4DigitalPaisa is the latest attempt by the government of India to get youngsters to feel more connected.

Minister of State( I/C) for Youth Affairs and Sports Vijay Goel here today led a Mobile and Digital Banking induction campaign for youth, #Youth4DigitalPaisa, at Maj. Dhyanchand National Stadium. As the demonetisation phase completes one month, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports continues to promote the benefits of online banking and boosts the methods of cashless transactions with the help of youngsters. The Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan which comes under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is leading the initiative and has invited interested youngsters to join the drive for #Youth4DigitalPaisa.

Interacting with the youth and expressing his thoughts behind the campaign for #Youth4DigitalPaisa he said, “I salute this revolutionary step taken by our Prime Minster. Narendra Modi has utmost faith in youth of the country and believes that the youth will contribute immensely towards promoting “Digital Economy. It’s our job to cooperate with him and take the nation to towering heights”. More than 600 youngsters not only from various parts of Delhi but even outskirts joined the induction programme. A special team constituted by the NYKS took on the spot tests and interviews to choose the best 100 out of all those present. The selected ones will be associated with the Ministry’s NYKS for a month and will be given a target to educate/create awareness among 100 households for which the trainer will be paid an honorarium of Rs. 10,000/-. Those who can’t give their full time to the programme can opt for a certificate if they qualify in the tests, therefore enabling them to teach the public about mobile banking during his/her free time.

Devesh who came for the test hailed PM’s efforts and expressed delight regarding the #Youth4DigitalPaisa programme initiated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Another college student Mitali stated that the #Youth4DigitalPaisa initiative would enable the youth to be an active part of the digital economy and cashless society movement.

Goel further stated:

“I do agree that with Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes being banned, people would have faced and might continue to face problem for another month. However, one must see the farsighted benefits of this initiative. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the nation would definitely move towards reducing the economic and social differences prevalent in the society. In addition to this, in the coming 15 years, India will certainly achieve the position of a global leader for which the transformation has already begun”.

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