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Who else remembers Kashmiri Pandits?

In India, Kashmiri Pandits genocide is a topic that rarely gets anyone either angry or distressed, not at least in the Lutyens, which long back realized that this community is not big enough to be anyone’s vote bank.  So why even bother to pay lip service? That the lakhs of Indians, Kashmiri Pandits, were forced out […]

Chinese transgressions into India: Let’s be careful

Manohar Parrikar categorically denied that any incident of transgressions on behalf of the Chinese troops into Barahoti of Uttarakhand did not take place. To quote him, well it did not take place ‘exactly as reported.’ He reasoned that the Indo-China border has not been formally demarcated and there are areas where both sides patrol up […]

New Zealand to kill possums

New Zealand Approves Massive Killing of Predators

In a shocking verdict, the New Zealand government has announced its target to purge the nation of all predators by 2050, using technological tools such as deadly toxins, genetic intervention and poison falling from the sky, Stuff.co.nz reports. The government has dedicated $28 million in investments for the next four years and recognized the need […]