Bureau of Indian Standards, marking fee, India

Bureau of Indian Standards makes 80% Concession on Certification/Minimum Marking Fee for Micro Scale Units

New Delhi, March 10, 2023: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has taken significant steps towards enhancing the quality and safety of products in India. In the meeting at Manak Bhawan, New Delhi on 03rd March 2023, Piyush Goyal directed BIS to undertake the following actions: o BIS shall augment the testing infrastructure in the country. […]

Borthekera found to have cardioprotective potential

New Delhi, March 05, 2023: Garcinia pedunculata, a medicinal plant commonly called ‘Borthekera’ in the Assamese language, traditionally forbidden for raw consumption, has been found to protect from heart diseases. Administration of the dried pulp of the ripe fruit of the medicinal plant reduced cardiac hypertrophy indicators and oxidative stress and heart inflammation brought on […]

solar observations , digitisation, sun, India

Digitisation of longest continuous solar observations can help explore impact of variations of the Sun on climate

New Delhi, March 01, 2023: The longest continuous observations of the Sun taken from Kodaikanal Solar Observatory (KoSO)–one of the oldest astronomical observatories have been digitised and made available for community use. The digitised record of solar observations over more than 100 years taken on photographic plates/films can help scientists around the world strengthen their […]

National Highway Construction, NHAI, Phosphor Gypsum, FLY ASH

NHAI to Explore Use of Phosphor-Gypsum in National Highway Construction

New Delhi, Feb 28, 2023: Keeping its commitment to encourage use of waste material to build ecologically sustainable National Highway Infrastructure, NHAI along with Department of Fertilizers, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers is going to take up field trials on NHAI projects for use of Phosphor-Gypsum in National Highway construction to achieve a circular economy […]

Coal Production, Coal Production in India, 2022-2023

Coal Ministry to Commence Forward Auction of Commercial Coal Mines from Feb 27

New Delhi, Feb 26, 2023: The Ministry of Coal had launched the 6th round and 2nd attempt of 5th round of commercial coal mines auctions on November 03, 2022, which received unprecedented response from industry and 96 bids were received for 36 coal mines, including participation from many first time bidders, reflecting the enthusiasm among the bidders and […]