New manufacturing process for steel alloy powder for developing efficient cooling channels can make pressure die casting more efficient

New Delhi, June 10, 2022: Researchers have developed a manufacturing process for steel alloy powder that can act as a tool for developing efficient cooling channels for pressure die casting. This can help improve the tool service life, quality of cast parts and reduce number of rejections during the casting process. Pressure die casting is used […]

Study attributes tectonic linkage in the northeast edge of the Indian plate to great Assam Earthquake

New Delhi, June 0 4, 2022: Researchers have traced the great Assam Earthquake to complex tectonics of the North Eastern fringe of the Indian Plate in the Eastern Himalaya and the Indo-Burma Ranges (IBR) and the interactions between the two, which can produce deeper earthquakes in IBR and crustal ones in the Eastern Himalaya. The north-eastern […]

Smart material which responds to light stimulus can harness solar energy for applications in soft robotics

New Delhi, June 01, 2022: Scientists have developed a smart material which responds to light stimulus easily by converting light into thermal energy. This can be helpful for harnessing solar energy for applications in soft robotics and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) devices. Many smart materials have successfully replicated stimuli-responsive behavior seen in abundance in nature like in […]

Low-cost super-elastic buckling restrained braces can improve earthquake resistance of structures

New Delhi, May 26, 2022: Researchers have developed low-cost buckling-restrained braces that can give improved protection to constructions from earthquakes. These braces have several advantages, such as all-steel components, onsite fabrication and assembling process, post-earthquake inspection, and easy replacement. The earthquake resistance of civil structures is often improved by using seismic force-resisting systems or vibration control […]

New low-cost iron aluminide coatings can increase corrosion resistance in harsh media to four times of mild steel

New Delhi, May 14, 2022: Scientists have developed low-cost Fe-based intermetallic powders that can be used as a corrosion-resistant coating for materials exposed to harsher environments like high temperature in thermal power plants where oxidation, corrosion, and wear and tear takes place simultaneously. The coatings showed 4 times increased corrosion resistance in the aqueous corrosive media […]

Scientists develop a new model for inferring density inhomogeneity in the solar corona

New Delhi, May 13, 2022: Scientists have developed a new theoretical model to quantify the inhomogeneity in density of solar corona generated by the turbulence in the electrically conducting, magnetized fluid present as plasma in it. The solar corona is an extremely dynamic medium. It is well established from the last few decades that electrically conducting, […]