Mitticool: First grassroots innovation-based standards formulated by Bureau of Indian Standards

New Delhi, June 26, 2022: The first official standard for a grassroots innovation has been set up for clay cooling cabinet Mitticool developed by Mansukh Bhai Prajapati, from Wankaner, in Gujarat. The standard set up by the Bureau of India Standards is necessary after a particular stage for scaling up and entering the cross-border markets. National […]

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Binary super massive black hole discovered in a system which could be site of future gravitational waves detection

New Delhi, June 25, 2022: An international collaboration of astronomers has discovered a binary super massive black hole in a system which will be a strong candidate for future detection of gravitational waves (GWs). Blazar which is super massive black hole (SMBH) feeding on gas in the heart of a very distant galaxy, are among the […]

Newly developed ultrathin heteroprotein film: better alternative to isolated protein films

New Delhi, June 24, 2022: Scientists have developed ultra-thin heteroprotein films with excellent thermal, mechanical and pH stability which can pave the way for expanding applications of thin films in biomedical and food packaging industries. These films are much thinner as compared to the other protein or plastic films. They are soft and thin and […]

Novel experimental framework in fluid dynamics can help in earthquake early warnings

New Delhi, June 23, 2022: Scientists have developed a novel experimental framework in fluid dynamics to describe deformation in disordered soft solids formed by mixing solid grains at significant proportions in a simple liquid which can help in developing early warning systems to minimize damage due to catastrophic events like landslide/earthquake. Granular systems exist all around […]

Glacial advances in the Yankti Kuti Valley synchronizes with climate variability

New Delhi, June 21, 2022: Multiple events of glacial advances have been witnessed from the Yankti Kuti valley situated in the extreme eastern part of Pithoragarh district, Uttarakhand, since 52 thousand years (MIS 3) that synchronises with climate variability, according to a new study. Many researchers have provided information on the nature of glaciation in […]

Neutral electron flow detected in Graphene could shape future quantum computation

New Delhi, June 20, 2022: Physicists have detected counter propagating channels in two layered graphene along which certain neutral quasiparticles move in opposite directions breaking conventional norms. The detection has potential to shape the future quantum computation. When a strong magnetic field is applied to a 2D material or gas, the electrons at the interface […]

India achieves 10 percent ethanol blending, 5 months ahead of schedule

New Delhi, June 18, 2022: Government of India, with the aim to enhance India’s energy security, reduce import dependency on fuel, save foreign exchange, address environmental issues and give a boost to domestic agriculture sector, has been promoting the Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme. The ‘National Policy on Biofuels’ notified by the Government in 2018 envisaged […]

New manufacturing process for steel alloy powder for developing efficient cooling channels can make pressure die casting more efficient

New Delhi, June 10, 2022: Researchers have developed a manufacturing process for steel alloy powder that can act as a tool for developing efficient cooling channels for pressure die casting. This can help improve the tool service life, quality of cast parts and reduce number of rejections during the casting process. Pressure die casting is used […]

Study attributes tectonic linkage in the northeast edge of the Indian plate to great Assam Earthquake

New Delhi, June 0 4, 2022: Researchers have traced the great Assam Earthquake to complex tectonics of the North Eastern fringe of the Indian Plate in the Eastern Himalaya and the Indo-Burma Ranges (IBR) and the interactions between the two, which can produce deeper earthquakes in IBR and crustal ones in the Eastern Himalaya. The north-eastern […]